New Insurance Law Book Released

We’re pleased to announce that attorney Nicholas M. Graphia recently published the Louisiana Property Insurance Claims Statutory Handbook 2022 which is available for purchase on Amazon. This new insurance law book was released on October 1, 2021. The book is a collection of insurance claim laws affecting property insurance disputes.

Compiled with policyholders, first party property insurance claim adjusters and attorneys in mind, this Louisiana Property Insurance Claims Statutory Handbook contains select provisions of Title 22 of the Revised Statutes, known as the Louisiana Insurance Code. It focuses on insurance claim laws affecting immovable (real) property. For example, statutes covering the Policyholder Bill of Rights, Standard Fire Policy, Payment of Claims, and the duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing are included. See the Table of Contents for a complete listing.

All statutes have been updated to include the 2021 amendments.